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Programmering i skolan

=== Globalora ===

Is a social learning network where students develop digital literacies, STEM and Computing knowledge, and global citizenship through game design,


=== World Wide Workshop ===

Develops applications for learning with technology that combine game mechanics and social networking to empower youth to be inventors and leaders in the global knowledge economy. Our programs transform education by connecting youth to learning, community engagement and economic development through game production,


=== Jeroo ===

Jeroo is an effective, award winning, classroom-tested tool that helps novices learn fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming, including


* Instantiating and using objects

* Writing methods to extend behavior

* Selecting and using fundamental control structures


== Hackety Hack ==

Hackety Hack will teach you the absolute basics of programming from the ground up. No previous programming experience is needed! With Hackety Hack, you'll learn the Ruby programming language. Ruby is used for all kinds of programs, including desktop applications and websites.


== Daisy the Dinosaur ==

This program has the youngest audience of the list. Created by the makers of Hopscotch, this iPad app teaches the basics of programming logic in a way even kindergartners can understand. Kids can use ultra-basic blocks in order to animate Daisy the Dinosaur. Just drag one-word commands like “roll,” “jump,” and “grow,” into the programming space, and press play. Players can see a direct relationship between the commands they assign and the actions Daisy takes.


== Code Monster ==

To the uninitiated, technology can look a lot like magic. Code Monster takes away the complexities of writing JavaScript and leaves just that. It was created by Greg Linden, who wanted to teach his own kids how to code.


This split screen tutorial places JavaScript on the left of the screen and images on the right. When kids alter the variables on the script side, the images transform instantly in response. Under the instruction of a friendly monster sprite, each new lesson brings new colors and shapes to the right side of the screen. Plus, the editor remembers your progress, directing you to the last lesson you completed each time you reopen the program.


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